Why You Need Skill Acquisition as an Employee

skill acquisition

Who says as an employee you can’t acquire other skills to empower yourself, people generally think skill acquisition is meant for those in search of job or who desperately need a source of income, Contrary to this popular opinion, those who already have a paid employment also need skill acquisition.

The importance of skills acquisition for both employed and unemployed especially in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized more importantly where the economy is not stable due to recession. And for Nigeria to be economically self-reliant, we must necessarily diversify our economy and as well encourage the youth to embrace self-employment through skills acquisition, entrepreneurship and financial empowerment.

A skill can be defined as the ability to do something well, usually gained through training or experience. Skill acquisition, on the other hand, involves the development of a new skill, practice or a way of doing things, usually gained through training or experience. Example of skills that can be acquired through training include:

Hairdressing, fashion designing, make up artistry etc;
Mechanic, electrical, repairs of GSM handset, wrist watches, air- conditioner etc; and entrepreneurial (small scale business such as the operation of a kiosk, buying and selling of goods, restaurants etc).

Of what importance is skill acquisition to an employee?

Is skill acquisition of any importance to someone already working or someone looking for a job? if you will ask me i would say a big YES. Skill acquisition is very important to those working, over time we have heard about organization downsizing, some enforcing compulsory retirement at their management level to save cost, what would be the fate of those that were relieved of their jobs, if they don’t have an alternative source of come? Therefore, acquiring entrepreneurial skill as an employee is vital.

The reason many technicians earn more than some university graduates is that the technicians acquired more of skills than the theories graduates were fed with when they were in universities. Having skills can take you to places you do not expect you will ever find yourself a very glaring example are comedians.

Skill acquisition is the ability to be trained on a particular task or function and become an expert in it. It is a pity that there is ‘huge parading’ of unemployment in many parts of the world today. This hot potato (current issue under discussion, unemployment) is giving many youths in different parts of the world a sleepless night. It is one of the causes of rapid growth in crimes in many parts of the world. But, do you think there is any relationship between someone who has acquired skill on how to perform a particular job and make money from it and unemployment? The answer is NO because the skill he has already acquired can always speak for him or her.

Today, there are many unemployed graduates in the world. One of the problems of the education system in Africa is that it lacks imparting of skills on the students. The most number of unemployed is found in Africa Continent. According to International Labour Organization ILO, The number of unemployed persons globally in 2017 is forecast to stand at just over 201 million, with an additional rise of 2.7 million expected in 2018 with larger percentage emanating from Sub-Saharan Africa, as the pace of labour force growth outstrips job creation.

The truth remains that the reason our economy is not growing is that, many Nigerians have been trained to depend on paid employment after school. Many schools don’t teach entrepreneurship, which leaves many people jobless after school once they can’t lay their hands on paid jobs.

Skill acquisition helps in employment generation/creation

As an employee always remember you can’t rely on your salary to get rich and you can’t be richer than your employer if you don’t have additional streams of income. You can only have other sources of income when you have one skill or the other that is in demand and people are willing to pay for.

Skill is like key used in opening door of fortune. As water is essential to human life; so is the skill needed in the life of every serious minded man or woman. Skills can do exceeding great work in the life of the employed and unemployed. Lack of skills is a major cause of corruption. The importance of skill acquisition includes self-employment, creates diverse job opportunities, employment generation, and crime reduction.

Self-employment: A skill acquired man is a self-employed man. The piece you are reading right now is written as a result of the skill acquired by the writer. There are so many self-employed writers today who do not bother themselves with carrying files from one office to another in search of job. Their duty is freelance writing and they make great money from their writing, as an employee too, you can always work as a freelance writer too. In the same vein, many successful businessmen and women whose names are heard in many parts of the world are entrepreneurs.

Don’t imbibe the notion that since you are working for someone, you can’t add value to yourself that will make you stand on your feet after you’ve left the job. Don’t let your life be like that of some retired civil servants who line up under a scorching sun to collect a stipend.

I remember the story of one of my friends mum, who was retired as a public servant some years back, the woman being an hard working woman, couldn’t stay idle, she tried her hands on so many trades, before she eventually thought of starting a school in her small neighborhood, this is a woman who trained her self in customer relation skills. You don’t have to wait until you are fired or forcefully retrenched from that your so called “Lucrative” job, you need to start adding value to yourself to be able to stand on your feet in the time of storm.

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