Why Rankings Don’t Signify Performance in SEO

Most Proprietors and managers of eCommerce companies are fixated on rankings. They submit a query on Google, they see a prompt result, and they make assumptions on their search engine optimization performance. Most of these managers always want to see their companies ranking on the first page of google with the premonition that the visibility will sure lead to a conversion irrespective of other unforeseen factors. However there are some reasons why SEO rankings don’t signify performance.

Here’s the means by which we can dissipate the myth that rankings indicate performance.

The example underneath shows how Google result can push organic listing so far down the page that there are none close to the top. The searcher would need to look to see the most obvious ranking site.


SEO ranking


From the instance above, the combination of nine paid ads, product listing ads, and the three local search results obscures Furniture.com number one ranking in the search results The ads and local results in first view are visually engaging and could snag more clicks from searchers than paid ads normally would when organic ads are available.

Rankings are very customized, to the point that there are no non-personalized rankings for most searchers. The rankings your manager sees on her iPhone will fluctuate from the rankings you see on your PC, or your client sees over on his tablet.

There is no longer a way to say definitively, “We rank number one in Google!” Even if you eventually rank very high on the SERP (Search engine result page) another question you should ask yourself is if your click through is great and actions are being performed on your site – Like if people are really buying.

Rankings are personalized based on a number of factors.

  • Location
  • Device Usage
  • Past Search Behaviour
  • Social Behaviour
  • Demographics

Google search on an Android gadget are likewise consequently personalized the same way. So when your C.E.O. or manager searches for a particular keyword repeatedly without clicking on your site, he or she is skewing her own search results even further. For you to really evaluate your SEO success it is advisable to not base it on rankings alone but rather on ROI, what is SEO contributing to your overall sale.

Rankings can change at any minute. You might search for a particular keyword and get to be exasperated that it doesn’t rank number one any longer, yet it may rank number one again whenever you search for it.

For SEO experts reporting project execution, rankings are comparatively dubious in light of the fact that the issue is duplicated crosswise over many keywords in numerous internet search engines on different gadgets. A ranking report is a depiction in time. Its connection to the genuine condition of your site’s and your rivals’ rankings is momentary.

While I concur that rankings are an important metric in overseeing SEO execution, they shouldn’t be viewed as key pointers. In case you’re fixated on rankings,i hope this article offer assistance.

I don’t want to bore you much, but i believe i pass a message across to seo specialists and folks in the eCommerce sector.

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