TVC Presenter Wale Fakile Another Victim of Online Reputation Sabotage

Wale Fakile

I am not sure if before now I have ever heard the name “Wale Fakile” or saw his program “Question of The Day” on TVC, but now Wale Fakile has become popular after a story about him trended online, but sadly on a bad note. Wale Fakile is a TVC presenter who was accused of beating up his girlfriend the story went viral online because it was published by many bloggers, whether it is true or not is not the point of emphasis here but the fact that a name that generated little or no organic search result some couple of weeks ago suddenly rank page 1 to 4 on Google result page for the same news. This implies that “Wale Fakile” is now a keyword recognized by search engines more than ever.

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Just about a week ago I shared an update on LinkedIn that reads “I recently discovered that you don’t have to wait till your brand or individual reputation online is snafued before you act, you need to start building your online presence now before it’s built for you by haters.”

Lately, I have observed one of the best ways some people get back at anyone that offends them is to publish a denigratory story about them online, either on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or share the story with notable bloggers. It’s noteworthy that the online space is a very sensitive terrain where individual brand and online reputation can be molded or destroyed.

We saw the case of Olajumoke Orishaguna how with the help of social media became notable and someone people and brands wants to associate with but for Wale Fakile reverse is the case. Your reputation is as important as your personality because in the eye of those who have never met you your reputation defines you.

Google has become a very important source of information worldwide, therefore, it’s pretty easy for anyone to make findings about you online before meeting you, now imagine if your reputation has been sabotaged by someone you’ve offended.

The provoking part is that bloggers are not ready to verify the story from you before publishing it. as an online reputation management expert I have worked with clients with poor online reputation and I know how difficult it is to rebrand their image online, I have realized it can take you 1 year to build a good reputation for yourself online but it might only take one day if not one hour for that reputation to be ruined.

It’s so unfortunate that so many people are beginning to fall victim of bad online reputation. In the light of there below are steps you can take to manage your online reputation

Here are 6 ways you can manage your reputation online 

1.    Search For Your Name Online

Google is the most used search engine in the world, search for you name on Google and also do a search for your name in Google Images. You can also set up a Google alert on your name to keep track of any new content especially if you are a celebrity. You will have notifications emailed to you once a day, so as not to overwhelm your inbox, that will help you monitor what is being said about you online.

2.    Be Active on Social Networks

It is one thing to join social networks it is another thing to be active. You need to have social accounts in your name even if you don’t feel like you have time to be active on these sites, just join them first and take the time to fully fill out the profiles. The major networks are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. If you have enough time you can spare, also join, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora and possibly others. You might not necessarily be active but don’t be completely dormant either. Add new content at least once a week. That can be as simple as attaching an article and writing a short comment about why it interests you.

3. Get a domain that has your name.

Getting a domain name registered is not as expensive as people generally think it is with as low as  $14 a year on sites like GoDaddy you can get your own domain name registered. In addition to getting a domain you can also look at building a small website that has information about what you do and blog that also allows you express yourself. If you don’t like writing you can invite guest bloggers or tell your friends and coolleagues to become an author on your blog.

4.   Put all your content in one place.

There are a number of sites that let you do this now, including Tumblr, WordPress and You can also “apply” your domain name to these sites, which means that anyone who goes to will be routed to your Tumblr page or your WordPress page. That’s convenient because Tumblr and WordPress offer nicely designed templates where you can set up what looks like a professionally designed website without having to hire a designer.

5. Always Keep Your Private Life Private and Maintain a Low key

Be very careful of what pictures you post online and what you say on social media platforms, these are some of the things some people use to form an opinion about you, let your digital life truly reflects who you are, don’t live a double standard life because this can be really detrimental to your reputation, let people know you for who you are. You can, and should, put privacy setting on all content you want to share only with a select group of friends and family.

6   Live a Decent Life

On a personal note if you want to get out of trouble in life live a decent life. I believe a decorated monkey is still a monkey, no matter how hard you try to package yourself, your true life would always reflect in your thought, actions and deed. Live a life that is worthy of emulation and always stay out of problem, there is no magic to maintaining a positive online reputation. Avoid damage control like Wale Fakile.

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