The Ultimate List of Premium WordPress Booking & Reservation Plugins

booking and reservation plugin

World of modern business is quickly migrating into a digital environment. This means that if you have no online presence it is as if you are not there at all. This, however, is something that even restaurants all over the world have started to realize. Try it out and you will notice that any self-respecting restaurant has a quality website. The content of this website is usually a page with the menu, as well as various photographs of satisfied customers. However, the most important thing that any restaurant website absolutely must have is a WordPress Booking and reservation plugin. Here are some of the best ones that WordPress (WP) has to offer.


If what you are aiming for is complete automation of your booking and reservation system, you should most definitely go for BookingWiz. This immensely powerful, yet simple plugin can allow you to quickly set-up an effective booking system, which can govern almost every free minute of your restaurant’s worktime. Here, you can enter such parameters as how many clients you will have each hour and how many hours can a single booking last. As you can see, BookingWizz thinks even of things that a surprising number of restaurant managers forget to take into consideration.

Booking System Pro

We already determined that if you are interested in something simple, you need to go with BookingWizz. However, what about when you don’t need simple but detailed and elaborate. Well, in this situation your safest choice would be to go with Booking System PRO. Now, we said detailed and elaborate, but this doesn’t always mean complicated (at least not when this digital tool is in question). In fact, if there is one thing that can be said about Booking System PRO it is that it’s extremely well organized.

Event Espresso

Sure, no one likes to be known as one who just hops onto his bandwagon but mainstream is mainstream for reason. So, if you are looking for something affordable yet popular to handle your booking and reservation, you cannot go wrong with Event Espresso. It is one of the best things when something as esteemed as this plugin lives up to its name. By using Event Espresso what you also get are venue manager, staff manager as well as customized events registration. To summarize, a fully rounded plugin with a clear purpose in mind: to turn your website into a booking friendly environment.


Finally, personal reservations are not the only things your restaurant or venue may be concerned with. It is known that a lot of important events are organized in restaurants all over the world, especially those for charity. Now, in this situation it is customary that tickets are sold and that a percentage of these sales goes for the aforementioned cause. Unfortunately, an ordinary booking plugin is ill equipped for such an endeavor which is why you would do well to go with WordPress event ticket sales plugin such as Tickera. By using this third party software you will completely bypass the middleman and thus ensure that every single dollar goes where it is supposed to.

Online Hotel Booking System

It is important to mention that restaurants are not the only ones in need of a good booking tools. In fact, hotels need them at least as much. With this in mind, you can always turn to something as simple and efficient as Online Hotel Booking System. This easy-to-use plugin will make you your guest’s favorite spot, because they will be able to do all the heavy lifting on your website. It simply doesn’t get user-friendlier than that. To add up to this already impressive list of features, cancellation feature is also included to the tool, as well as booking history list.

In the cold and relentless world of modern business, you need to take every single ounce of help you can get in order to stay ahead of the curve. Sometimes, this means having the best product, sometimes providing the best service and in no small number of occasions it may also mean having the best marketing campaign. However, in this particular case, those with the best software infrastructure usually triumph which is why you owe it to both yourself and your business to find an adequate WordPress boosting and reservation plugin. The way in which your website works needs to reflect your restaurants performance and with this in mind, you need to take only the best.

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