Trackmyfone Review: A Simple and Intuitive Parental Control App

Trackmyfone App

Trackmyfone Review: A Simple and Intuitive Parental Control but Does It Really Break the “Spy” App Stereotype?

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “monitoring”, “spy” or “parental control”? It’s usually a manifestation of something illegitimate or discrete—isn’t it? It’s hard to really let go off these stereotypes, but it’s really necessary to do so due to the digital lane that we live in. Our kids are constantly in contact with tech and gadgets and we need to know how to keep them safe without letting clichéd words and answers coming into our minds. TrackMyFone parental control just exactly aims to do that.

With its simple and intuitive controls, Trackmyfone is in business from a few months and there objective is very simple: “Educate people with the benefits of parental controls and how to ensure a healthy parent-kid relationship”. The great thing is that this parental control app company is reflecting what they say through their product, which is commendable.

Trackmyfone Review: Smart Controls and Powerful Features

As it is a parental control, the company has very carefully designed the controls for using the app. Trackmyfone also believes that “as not many parents are tech-savvy, it’s pertinent that a parental control should be minimalistic, yet powerful”

To use this app, all that parents need is to install the app onto the target device, open TrackMyFone’s online control panel on their smartphone or computer and monitor. The compatibility is fairly widespread with the app fully compatible with all latest Android and iPhone models. If you are an iOS user, to make things even simpler, there is a parental control version that works without jailbreak. So, parents who have little knowledge about jailbreaking can simply monitor using the iCloud account of their kids—no installations or downloads required.

Using trackmyfone, parents can monitor phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, web history, and phonebook and calendar entries. For your kids’ online safety, parents get to monitor their social media apps like Facebook messages, WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Kik, iMessage and many others. This is a pretty positive sign for parents, as these IMs can convey to you about almost 90% of your child’s communications on a daily basis.

For kids who mostly stay away from home, trackmyfone provides a Smart Remote Control that can let parents control their kids’ smartphone from anywhere. It’s very important for scenarios where parents may have to actively intervene into their kids’ online activities to save them from some collateral damage.

Location features of TrackMyFone can turn out to be pretty handy in this regard. If you are simply concerned with the whereabouts of your kid, the Geo Location feature would be enough for you. With this feature, you can trace the precise location of your kids at any given time. For a bit more stringent measures, you have the option to get assistance from the Geo-Fencing feature of trackmyfone. With this feature, you get to mark zones on a virtual map. These zones would act as a corridor for your child’s activities. Once your kid enters or leaves that zone, you will be alerted about it, almost instantly. The best part about this feature is that you could keep your kids away from absolute trouble by marking areas that you want them to be purely away from.

How Parents Can Monitor Without Breaking Their Kid’s Trust?

If many of you think that it’s better to keep your kids in the dark about monitoring them, then you are certainly wrong. According to TrackMyFone’s senior blogger Emma Preston, “the worst thing that parents can do to ruin their relationship with kids is to secretly watch over them—it’s the job of the parents to take their kids’ consent, educate them about the dangers of smartphone use and introduce to them the benefits of parental controls—it’s the only way kids would ever embrace monitoring of their smartphones”

Lastly: Trackmyfone can make a change in the smartphone monitoring market with its smart features and affordable pricing. Parents can get the basic edition starting from $8.33/month and the premium edition from $12.49/month.

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