Top 5 Skill Sets That Will Make You More Employable in Nigeria

    top 5 skills set that will make you more employable in Nigeria

    Top 5 Skill Sets That Will Make You More Employable in Nigeria

    Do you know being good at what you study alone is not enough to guarantee you employment or land you great pay cheque? Have you ever wondered why we have so many graduate in Nigeria with good grades but are still not employed, you might say it’s because there is no job out there, but do you know there are so many guys that change job like they change clothes and you keep wondering what they do differently that others are not doing.

    You may even think that being great at what you do can ensure you not only keep your job, but move up in your workplace. The good news is that how well you do your job still remains one of the most important factors in your continued employment. The bad news is that it also may not be the only deciding factor, in this economic climate there are many people who can do your job as well or better than you, they may even be more connected and experienced, and may even be willing to work for less money. How can you compete?

    It’s no secret that the job market is more competitive in Nigeria than ever before, and seems to be getting tougher all the time. Employers are hiring less, and slow economic growth is thought to be the future norm. In other words, when it comes to work, it’s a buyer’s market, and it’s getting harder and harder to sell yourself. Yet there are in-demand jobs and market sectors where employment has been – and is expected to continue – growing faster than the economy.

    Whether you’re out of work, looking to switch offices, or move up the corporate ladder, there are some catch-all skills that can help in any industry. You may be surprised at just what can be the difference between success and stagnation, or even failure. Read on to learn what employers really want.

    1. Ability to Speak Business Language

    Most graduates these days only understands the parlance of their fields and forgets about the language in the business world, employers are no longer looking for people who read to pass they are looking for those who understands business community and atmosphere so get yourself acquainted with happenings in other industry.

    2. Salesmanship Skills

    Every organizations is set up to sell something, either a product or a service, as a graduate looking for employment your ability to sell yourself to employers in a creative and unique way will to a large extent determine if they will employ you or not. There isn’t a company in the world that doesn’t value the employee that makes them more money than they cost.

    3. Learning Skill

    What everyone really learns in university is how to learn, And it’s a good thing, because the biggest challenge in everyone’s career is adjusting to the changing business world and workplace. if you think you’ve only gone to study accounting or medicine then you’ve gotten it wrong already because life itself is dynamic. your ability to learn something new very fast will make you a hot cake in the market.

    4. Tech & Social Media Skills

    With level of technological development and increasing need for people who can write codes and do programming it would be a good idea to have relevant skills in this regard, because you might not know, your MD might need a media assistant and it is just these skills that will single you out.

    5. Bi-Lingual or Multi-lingual Skill

    What i have observed lately is that ability to speak more than one language is a very great advantage anyone can explore, whether local or foreign languages, you can work with embassies and international organizations with this and if you can speak different local languages you will be a good customer care agent, so it doesn’t matter if you have Bsc in micro biology or Zoology.

    If there is any skill set that you feel should be listed here feel free to add it.

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    1. Jibsticks

      I could remember the first time i was invited for an interview, i had to prepare like i wanted to write exam. I read different possible interview questions, crammed some answers :) as well. Of cos that didn’t work. Aside from being a graduate, you must be skillful (Very Important)