Tips on How to Perfectly Engage your Audience this Festive Season



The much anticipated festive season is here; brands are looking for ways to actively engage, reward and convert their target audience. Some business owners and marketers are planning to leverage on the appetites of enthusiastic consumers this festive season to meet their roll over targets as well as set a great foundation for the New Year. Therefore, this is a crucial time to get active and plan well for a prosperous selling period.

With this in mind below are 3 tips on how to perfectly engage your target audience this festive season:

  • Be where your customers are

Your festive campaigns need to reach your customers where they spend their time. Take advantage of the Insights available from your existing campaigns to properly analyze the demographics of your target audience and the best way to reach them. Effective planning and analysis now can mean the difference between flourishing and flimsy festive season sales. During the festive season last year, one in four online purchases was made on mobile and according to 2015 forecasts, “two-thirds of holiday shoppers will go mobile this season” The obvious takeaway: Ensure that you take advantage of mobile targeting and make sure that your site is 100% responsive.

  • Use warm and compelling visuals

Put simply, evoke an emotional response with images. During the festive season, people share 28% more photos and videos on mobile, so make sure that you stand apart from other seasonal messages by using visuals that not only encourage discovery and purchases, but also contain an emotional element. According to Facebook, 85% of people say that spending time with loved ones is a highlight of their festive season, so try to showcase how your products help bring families together. Position your products and services to be helpful in the New Year. Whether that means promoting images of better living and health, or helping people organize their lives. In Nigeria, people also look out for giveaways during festive seasons. You’ll be amazed on how far a little discount or additional gifts will go in boosting your sales this season.

  • Build upon your festive season success in the New Year

When the dust finally settles post-Christmas and after you eventually take that well-earned break, don’t forget to plan for the year ahead. There’s a variety of solutions available to keep you successful beyond the festive season. Keep testing, analyzing your results and identifying new opportunities to grow your business. If you don’t have a customer retention strategy, make time to build one. It’s a great way to develop and maintain productive relationships and grow referral sales. It also enables you to explore ways to grow revenue and recurring sales, and add stability to your business. If you have key clients make time to call/mail them before end of year. While the intent would be to say thanks for their patronage this year, the outcome may well be locking in orders for next year.

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