The Era of Digital Disruption is Here

digital disruption

As 2015 is wounding up, it is no longer a wonder to business owners that we are truly in a digital age. We are already witnessing digital disruption across different industries and sectors as we have some introductions like cloud, mobile, social and big data. The major challenge here now is that not every organization or industry is taking advantage. Obviously businesses are now been classified into two categories: those who have at present being disrupted and reformed by digital, and those who are yet to be disrupted.

digital disruption

Data by Oracle

For the sake of those who don’t know what digital disruption entails let’s have a definition of what it is.

“Digital disruption is the change that occurs when new digital technologies and business models affect the value proposition of existing goods and services. Digital disruption refers to modifications enabled by digital technologies that occur at a stride and degree that interrupt established ways of value creation, social interactions, doing business and more generally our thinking”.

For instance before we had technology at all, there was a way we use to communicate, which mostly was through letters, but, technology brought about change, we can now make calls, send mails, text messages and even use social media platforms.

The rapid rise in the use of mobile devices for personal and work purpose, has increased the potential for digital disruption across many industries. A powerful example is the way Alibaba, Netflix and Facebook have disrupted the commerce, media and entertainment industries.

Take a cursory look at this.

World’s largest taxi company owns no taxi – Uber

World most valuable retailer has no inventory – Alibaba

World most popular media owner creates no content – Facebook

World largest movie house owns no cinema – Netflix

Largest software vendors don’t write the application (Apple & Google)

Largest accommodation provider owns no real estate – Airbnb

Credit: IBM

Whether you believe it or not sooner rather than later, all businesses and industries will go digital. And the savvy company will recognize that the quicker they do it, the better competitive advantage they will have. Those that get there first will be able to disrupt their existing markets and penetrate new ones.” Make no mistake; this is very much a race. Konga has succeeded in disrupting the eCommerce ecosystem in Nigeria with the marketplace model and a well secured payment system that ensures convenience shopping online KongaPay.

We still anticipate so many disruption in the digital space in Nigeria and Africa at large, but not only when businesses start realizing that the world has gone digital and remodel the way business is done.

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