TechSummitOgun 2018 Disruptive Innovations: Where Are We?



Come next year January 18, 2018, Ogun State and its environs will witness the gathering of Technology Enthusiasts and thought leaders in one place for what is known as #TechSummitOgun.

With the largest number of tertiary institutions in Nigeria, Ogun State has the potential to drive technology-based innovation and digital growth in the country considering the growing untapped talents and human capital, her strategic geographical relevance as the gateway state and her economic contribution to the nation.

Due to the early-stage of technological innovation within the State, the emergence of a viable tech ecosystem requires a convergence of ideas, thought leaders and novel actions to spur tech-based innovation in the State. The TechSummitOgun, with the theme “Disruptive Innovation; Where are We?” seek to achieve that.

The TechSummitOgun creates an excellent platform for convergence of about 1000 innovators, executives, disruptors, influencers, investors and entrepreneurs seeking to stimulate an awakening of possibilities in leveraging technology and home-grown innovation for development and growth in Ogun State, through the emergence of startups, technology-based businesses, civic-tech initiatives, specialized markets and other digital initiatives.

TechSummitOgun will discuss, deliberate and identify ways by which the tech ecosystem in Ogun State can be improved. Register for this summit in other to meet and network with a diverse number of technology leaders who will share their experience and ideas regarding the tech ecosystem in Nigeria, and also give insight on how to grow a tech-based start-up in Ogun State.

#TechSummitOgun is organized by VerveTree

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