Portable Washing Machine – Review

Portable washing machine

Washing machine is an essential appliance in any home, most of the time we are busy during the week and our clothes are piled up till the weekend so we can wash them, but when you have a washing machine you can wash at any time of the day even at night especially when your washing machine has a drainer. The challenge for some people is space to keep their washing machine and this has discouraged them from buying one but with advancement in technology big sized washing machines has been reproduced in different ways to something portable that can easily fits into small apartments.

Peradventure you live in a small house with no washing machine, you likely are a frequent customer of the nearest washer man. And unless the laundry man is your favorite hangout, you might be weary of packing heaps of clothes and laundry bags to and fro, paying a chunk amount of money.  Like that is not enough, you will be sacrificing several hours during the weekend if you decide to wash yourself. Buy the portable washing machine, a simple and affordable solution to your laundry needs.

Portable washing machines are surprisingly effective despite their small size. Though they average a little less than half the load capacity of regular-sized washing machines, these compacts get clothes just as clean as a normal washing machine. Smaller load sizes equals less water and detergent used, meaning you save money. Plus, small compact mini washers fit almost anywhere.
With the choice between temporary or permanent installation, portable washers are a viable option for a variety of consumers. Their small design makes them ideal for saving space or easy storage. Mobility makes for flexible laundering when and where you want. For optimum performance, try the one of the best portable washers like the LG 4kg Washing Machine 610, Haier Thermocool Hwm60-10 (Tla06 or QASA QWM-70-DX Top Load Washing Machine.

Portable Washers are More Suited to singles, couples or very small families mainly because of the load capacity. But for those who cannot afford or connect a standard washer, it can provide laundry facilities in-home and eliminate washer man visit costs. Portable washers are also ideal for tiny apartments where there is no room for standard appliances.

Capacity Limits

Portable washers are designed for very small loads which can range from 6 to 12 lbs of laundry or less than 2 cu.ft. Stuffing is not recommended as cleaning performance will be sacrificed, but plan on doing more small loads per week than with a standard model. Some models use a pulsating type of wash system, rather than an agitator and this can increase the washer’s capacity, but only slightly.

Installation Notes

Some models come with connection hoses for water intake and drainage. However, some consumers find these factory installed hoses too short and have succeeded in replacing them. For best results, measure the space where you intend to place your washer to ensure it is adequate, as well as the path to the bathroom basin.

Best Features

Features vary as does the number of wash cycles and settings as some models are fully automatic with fabric/bleach dispensers, while others have a few basic settings. As a minimum, you should be able to adjust the water level and temperature to suit your load and do a gentle or regular (spin) and a quick or long wash. Some models offer delay start which is a nice feature to have, as is soak or delicates. You can save on the cost by buying a basic model, as long as you can control the length and intensity of the wash and spin cycle and adjust water temperature and level.

Consider an All-in-One Washer/Dryer Combo

They are more expensive than portable washers, but have the added convenience of drying the load in the same unit. Most washer/dryer combos are high-efficiency front-loaders, very low in energy use and are Energy Star rated. These combo units do not come with wheels, but many models have optional wheel/connection kits that can be purchased, making them comparable to portable washers as far as mobility and hook-up is concerned. Washer/dryer units are usually 24″ wide with a narrow depth that makes them easy to place in a small home, apartment or passage. They usually have more high tech features than small portables.

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