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Based on the nomination from (AC) blog readers and friends we have decided to chose Fela Durotoye as our personality of the week! Fela Durotoye is a super-achiever and would stop at nothing in building a nation full of super-achievers and responsible leaders.

Born in May, 1971 in the city of Ibadan, Fela grew up as the third and last child in the family to a couple who were university lecturers who later became professors. this young man moved through life acquiring knowledge through education and finally completed his Master’s degree at OAU, Ife. Today, he’s a renowned consultant, is the CEO of a social enterprise with the aim of building global market leaders and not to mention, one of the richest Public Speakers.

Fela Durotoye is the Chief Executive Officer of the popular Gemstone Group and Visible Impact.

Visible impact is a social enterprise set up to tackle social and environmental challenges and limitations with the aim to build people into super-achievers and responsible leaders, build corporate organizations into global market leaders and responsible corporate citizens, as well as assist governments in developing blueprints and programs that create a desirable environment for their people to do great things.

GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation is committed to nation building and has witnessed an incredible growth in the numbers of Nation Builders Network Chapters and people involved. Currently, over 18,000 people have subscribed to the values that GEMSTONE committed to a new nation.

Fela Durotoye once said  he is privileged of being the founder of and visionary for the GEMSTONE Nation Builders Foundation and Networks with chapters all across Nigeria and all the educational strata of this Nation. He is inspiring hope and vision, commitment to our Nation in the heart of hundreds of thousands of people both through social media or mainstream media and through direct opportunities availed to him as a public speaker or business consultant.

Many people have said to him that they fell in love with this country because they listened to him; some people had said they had given up on this country but their hope for a new Nation called Nigeria was inspired again. Fela have had the privilege to inspire a new vision  in the hearts of the people to build Nigeria into the most desirable nation to live in. 

He also had the privilege of being able to share a set of values that have now become widely accepted by most people that he has met across tribes and location, and these values have been accepted by people regardless of their tribes and gender their age position and social class.”

The Ten values are:

(1) Make a positive impact on everyone I meet and everywhere I go

(2) Be a solution provider and not a part of the problem to be solved

(3) Be a role model worthy of emulation

(4) Be my best in all I do, particularly the things I am naturally good at

(5) Do the right thing at all times regardless of who is doing the wrong thing

(6) Value time, and make the best use of it

(7) Care and show respect through my words and actions

(8)Consciously build a great legacy starting now, today and every day

(9)Live a life of integrity and honour and

(10) Make my family, my nation and my God proud. 

Almost every day, you will find people posting the new values on social media and through many other platforms used to drive the new consciousness of a set of values into Nigeria. In November 19th2012, he signed and autographed 10,000 copies of the 17 Secrets of High-flying Students in 8 hours 49mins. This was ground breaking record, significantly way beyond the previous records 1,951 copies by AritoliKarpov in 1hour.

Fela Durotoye & Tara

Fela Durotoye & Tara

There are so many things to say about this great man of impact, He is happily married to Tara that owns popular (House of Tara) and blessed with children

Source: Businessdayonline

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  1. kebiru attah

    Hi Mr. Fela, we once met in one of ur Gemstone program that I served as volunteer. And I told u then that, iam Owen a great dept to my generation. And the only way to fulfill dt is through you. At the end of that program, u promised of getting back to me, but to no avail. On the 9th of august I was in Lagos state for the purpose of seing you, even at that I couldn’t make it. Sir…, I know how-much your commitment is. Bt I need u. 08113667235, Email. Kebabson@yahoo.com