Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) – Jack of all Trade Master of All?

linda ikeji social LIS

It is no longer a news that Linda Ikeji just launched a social network, the story is already all over the internet, this innovation by Linda is long awaited and a very creative and plausible one by the way. The gist about Linda Ikeji Social (LIS) has been trending for a while, there has been a buzz online by Linda Ikeji on what LIS is all about, but finally, the puzzle has been unraveled by the initiator herself.

This is what the LIS platform looks like

linda ikeji social

LIS is considered a social networking website but according to Linda, it’s not just any social networking site as it combines blogging with social networking. What this implies is that users can enjoy the features of blogging and social networking on just one platform, but that is not all.

The site has the feature similar to that of a classified website, where users can list their products. This means you can buy directly from the platform, for me this is more than social, buying and selling is involved, anyway in addition to this, Linda has decided to add some extra features to the platform to make it more exciting and enterprising, for every unique news and gist sent to LIS you get rewarded monetarily and you can monitor your earnings through a wallet.

I see blogging, social networking, affiliate marketing, classified ads and much more on this platform, more like a jack of all trade, I hope LIS will be able to master all these add-ons effectively. Congrats to Linda Ikeji on the launch of this innovative idea, it is quite laudable.

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