Sola Adekoya Resigns as Konga CEO

Sola Adekoya Konga CEO

Sola Adekoya has resigned from his position as the CEO of Konga, one of Nigeria leading online stores.

Sola Adekoya replaced Sim Shagaya as CEO. He broke the news on his twitter handle yesterday as he wishes Konga well. In his tweet…

What is surprising about Sola’s shocking resignation from Konga is that it’s barely a month after Zinox acquired Konga that he is resigning from a highly esteemed position of the CEO of a leading online retail store in Nigeria.

The question on the lips of some Nigerians is If this move by Sola was necessitated by the new management or board of Zinox or if it’s part of his exit strategy.

With the perceived excitement on the face of the Ex CEO of Konga when the company was acquired by Zinox one would have thought he still has an ample of time to spend with the organization but apparently it didn’t play out that way.

Sola, before becoming Konga’s CEO served as the Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer, and in the space of 3 years moved to become the CEO of the company.

There is no doubt that during his time as the CEO he tried his best to set the company on the path of greatness and did his best to ensure a smooth acquisition by a Nigerian conglomerate…

We wish Nick success as he assumes the position of the CEO of Nigeria’s prestigious eCommerce firm.

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