It is One thing to Get a Job – It is Another Thing to Sustain it

“It is one thing to get a job, while it is another thing to sustain it”, this is a very famous quote and word of encouragement or chastisement from mangers,employers, business owners, and HR personnel, although this statement has a little bit of sentiments in it. however, it all depends on the intention of the “sayer” and perception of the “listener”

Job applications in Nigeria

Finding a job in the midst of economic crunch and recession can be a very stressful endeavor and daunting task, especially in situations where many organizations are laying off. Submitting job applications day after day is not only time consuming but discouraging, especially after receiving a generic rejection letter after spending anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour applying and attending interviews!

I remember going for a job interview at one of the apex banks in Nigeria, the interview was slated for 3PM and we had to wait till 7PM in the evening before the commencement, almost 4 hours wasted. In Nigeria today getting a job in the midst of economic quagmire is like a miracle.

I believe people join organizations for different reasons and people also move from one job to the other for reasons best known to them, and if you would ask me, what are they looking for? I will say it is career fulfillment. Although many jump from one job to the other because of the pay, but still not at the expense of their career.

Here are My Top 6 Reasons Why I Think People Change Job

  • Concerned about the lack of opportunities for advancement
  • Unsatisfied with the leadership of the management
  • Unsatisfied with work environment / culture
  • Desire for more challenging work
  • Need for more compensation & benefits
  • Unsatisfied with rewards and recognition for contribution

Sometimes as an employee you get so use to the system of a workplace that you feel so relaxed, until one day when you are told that your service is no longer needed, then you begin to recall the job applications you disregarded, the job interviews you turned down all because you feel you have found a resting place, always remember as long as you are an employee, you are subject to the terms and conditions of your employer.

Workplace is like an army barrack, people come and people go, the only permanent employer of any organization might be the CEO/MD not even in all cases, we have seen instances where MDs/CEOs even founders are pushed out of their companies, your destiny is not tied to any company but only to your purpose, just ensure you carry out your responsibilities effectively and you are not lackadaisical in your approach to your duties, don’t imbibe the culture of “If the company makes profit or not your wages will be paid” always remember one day you will also be an employer, so treat your employers the way you want your future employees to treat your company.

One of my Bosses said  “Your career is in your hands” not in the hands of any line manager  or company’s leadership, if you fail in life, you fail, not because anyone caused it but because you do, when you are leaving a company to another your sustenance of the new job is in your hands, be ready to take up any challenges having at the back of your mind that no organization or management is perfect.

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  1. Jay

    Very good read I must say. Short but impacting.