Google’s Next Penguin Update Coming Up In The Next Two Months

google penguin update

This is for those doing digital marketing and specifically SEO specialist, but mind you this is also important for bloggers and webmasters. In case you are coming across “Penguin” for the first time as relating to SEO. The Google Penguin was the search engine’s response to so-called “black hat” SEO tactics for link building, which was first released in April 2012.

Google Penguin

Numerous updates have been rolled out since then. Manipulative link building techniques that focused on creating links through “link schemes” were targeted. These included buying links, building thin sites simply for the purpose of linking back to a main site, trading links, comment spam links, and similar tactics.

Google Penguin has required that site owners take a much serious view on link building. Each site, however for the first time in the history of SEO, is expected to know and own its site link profile. The volume, quality, source, and content of links ultimately fall to the site’s owner. If dubious practices are detected, site owners may be required to audit their entire link profile and work to have poor quality links removed. Today, when building links, it’s smart to ask questions such as:

  • Is this a high quality site?
  • Is it relevant to my topic or niche?
  • What does that site’s link profile look like?
  • Will they use diverse anchor text to point to my site?

The latest news as seen on Search Engine Land is that We are all expecting the next Penguin update to happen soon, but now we know it will most likely be released within the next two months.

Gary Illyes, a Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, has posted on Twitter that he expects the release to be within 2015. Since there is only November and December left in 2015, we have to assume this release will happen within the next two months.

We can also expect the next release to be the real-time version. That means that the algorithm will update in real-time, continuously. There won’t be specific release dates for the Penguin updates after Penguin 4.0 (which is the upcoming release), instead, as Google detects spammy links on a site, it may be impacted by Penguin. At the same time, when those spammy links are removed and Google’s indexer picks up on that, the sites will no longer be impacted by Penguin.

In case you are also not aware there is a new Google algorithm called “RankBrain” Google’s using a machine learning technology called RankBrain to help deliver its search results. So Seo analyst and digital marketing experts should be ready for a major change in the search world and be up to date

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