Google, a Blessing or a Curse?

How Google has Benefited Mankind

The word “Google” has become a household name globally, that phrase ‘Google it’ has become synonymous with searching for information on the web. Ever since the advent of technology, the dependence on web-based information has multiplied at a phenomenal rate to an extent that life in the 21st century comes to a standstill without the internet. Can you just imagine a life without the search engine? Many life-threatening problems have been solved just through searching for information online. Intenet has become an important part of our lives that in 2016 Google now processes over 40,000 search queries every second on average, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide.

Google search

Without any iota of doubt, Google has become as a blessing to this generation with the vast amount of information that is available. Google never disappoints its users because it rarely ever happens that Google does not have the answers. At some point, i became so addicted to Google that, I was asking Google spiritual questions, but to my amazement, there will always be an answer. If something does not exist on Google, it does not exist at all. That is the power of Google in the minds of the billions of users.

Google over time has become our personal source of information. This engine has become our radio, our TV, our library, our music store, our map, our telephone, and every other source of content we need to survive. Google gives us whatever we need; be it images, web pages, blogs, videos or any other medium of communication, they have it. If you want your business to scale quickly in the online space you need Google because that is where most people go to search for what they need. Not only that you can put  your products in the face of your target audience through ads, it can be display or search ads.

Do you know as awesome as Google is it has also caused some harms to some individuals and the society at large?


Many traditional newspapers in Nigeria now have online publication sometimes a replica of what they have offline, there are also different blogs and news website whose stories you can easily search online. Google is an information bank, the stories posted online 10 years ago can possibly be found on Google this makes data sensitivity a serious issue, whatever goes into the cloud. Some companies have folded up because of bad customer reviews and complaints that popped up on the first page of the search engine. Some relationships have been destroyed, careers have been shattered, reputations have also been damaged because of the defamatory stories bloggers and newspapers have published about some people online and has found their ways to the first page of search engine result just to mention but a few.

Google Nigeria

Generally, In our earlier years of growing up, we used to remember lots of information, necessarily, as we didn’t have search engines like Google and databases such as Microsoft which serve as external memory where information is stored collectively outside ourselves. The focus now is on remembering only the access to information on the Net rather than the contents, thus saving ourselves a lot of ‘brain power’ for doing something other than the mundane activity of rote memorizing. Availability of information on the Net through search engine is leading to ‘intellectual laziness,’ making people less ‘memory-oriented’ on certain aspects. A study has revealed a declining trend in memorizing textual information, which, anyway, is just a click away.

For some reasons we have benefited greatly from Google while on the other hand, we have suffered some sets back in terms of utilizing our God-given brain power to create things.

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