8 Effective Ways Online Retailers Can Gain Customers Loyalty

customers loyalty

Loyal customers are the foundation of almost every business. Going a step further with your marketing strategies to provide outstanding customer service is the first step to customer loyalty. Customers loyalty and reward system is key to the growth of any business. Below are 8 Effective Ways to Gain Customers Loyalty

1.   Offer Value-based Products or Services

As an online store you already have those who bought from you, so by providing them with a good experience, they might buy from you again. With my experience in the eCommerce industry getting new customers is more expensive than selling to existing ones. So, by continuing to sell to existing customers, you are really saving yourself some money. They can give you invaluable feedback on how you did. If your service was good enough? Did your product meet their expectations? Was it good value for money?

2.   Delight and Exceed Customer’s Expectations

This is one area online retailers need to focus their attention, it is not just about selling again. Anyone with half a brain can satisfy customers. Only when business owners keep delighting customers will customers keep coming back. You should aim at exceeding your customers’ expectations on every interaction they have with you (This is not only the sole responsibility of customer care representative). Do this consistently and you will keep having customers for life. You think your loyal customers/clients could benefit from reading your e-book or article you have written? Surprise them and make it a gift!

3.   Lavish Personal Attention on Customers

Learn to lavish personal attention on customers who are going to reciprocate by being consistently good purchasers or your products or services. Give your customers an incentive to share information about themselves that you can use when you contact them next. The more your customers feel as though you are treating them individually, the more likely they are to continue their relationship with you. One reason I love the sterling bank motto “The one customer bank” is because every customer is the only customer.

4.   Embrace Customer’s Feedback

If you do not know what your customers feel about you, your business, your product or services, then you might as well just close up. People will endorse your business not because they think your website or office looks good but because they are satisfied with your service. If you have problems with your products, customers are the best source of objective advice on how to make an improvement. So, have a process in place where you regularly ask them for feedback. And once they give it to you, let them know how you are going to use it. They will begin to feel involved in your business and are more likely to send other people your way.

5.   Reward Loyal Customers

In order to gain more loyal customers, you need to reward some of your customers that buy from you regularly. It provides a vital link between your business and your customers, improving customer satisfaction and sales. Offer bonus service or product (buy 2 and get one free). Render services beyond their expectations.

6.   Always Keep in Touch

They are most likely to keep buying from you if you have a strong relationship – if they trust you and your products or services. Your “keep in touch” strategy should consider the best method (e-mail, telephone, newsletter, etc); the frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, event-based) and, what to talk about (your company’s business activity, industry information, tips and hints, useful resources, etc). Keep your newsletter information-based, concise and interesting.

7.  Gain New Customers from Existing Ones

Devise a means of asking your customers at the end of every transaction if they could recommend the products they bought from you to their friends or family that might need the same product. Existing customers are your major source of referrals and new businesses. Through them, you get access to new customers who already know about you and have a positive opinion of what you do.

8.   Appreciate Your Customers

Thank them for referrals every time. It makes them feel recognized. It reinforces a positive behaviour so that they consider referring to you again. A thank you can be as simple as a hand-written card sent through the mail, a movie ticket, a voucher or even a phone call.
Make all these a focus of your marketing efforts and you soon see the rewards come back to you in the form of increased patronage and profit.


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