Why Ecommerce is the Future of Retail in Nigeria

    eCommerce is retail future

    Recently I read some articles online about the billions of Naira both Konga and Jumia made during the Black Friday sale, I know some people might still find it difficult to believe thinking these companies are just trying to hype themselves, but whether you  believe it or not, the fact remains they are making money on a daily basis.

    So many Nigerians still think eCommerce is a scam and buying online is only a mirage, even after they have seen some persons shop online and have their product delivered, they are still opinionated that with time eCommerce will fizzle away. The earlier we realize the world has gone digital the better. Technology has broken down barriers to make it pretty easier to start and grow a business online – in every industry.

    Irrespective of what you sell, whether products or services you can now transact business online. The retail sector is witnessing a great transformation driven by digital technology. Technology is changing the way people buy, as well as how retailers operate.

    Retail is rapidly changing, with increased growth of mobile technology people find it easy and convenient to make purchases from their tablets and mobile phones, retailers are also not taking a chill pill, they are beginning to take their products and services to where their customers can be found. Digital technology is really changing the way people shop. A friend once told me ” ……..If I can get it online, why do I need to visit a brick and mortar store”

    E-commerce which is simply “Digital Commerce” or you call it “Electronic Commerce” is simply buying and selling on the internet, it can be on your desktop, laptop, tablets or mobile phone. the number of online shoppers is increasing daily with e-commerce representing a good percentage of all retail sales in Nigeria. Undoubtedly, people want to sit at the comfort of their homes or offices and make purchases online. In the last quarter, e-commerce contributed greatly to the GDP of this nation a pointer that its impact is evidence on the economy.

    As consumer demand continues to drive e-commerce, more retailers large and small will need to offer customers this option – done well – or risk obsolescence. A strong mobile presence, in-stock merchandise, and fast delivery are important keys to e-commerce success and a strong argument for top-notch logistics solutions.

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