DealDey LayOff Staffs Again! Second Time in 6 Months

DealDey lays off staff

It is no doubt that the current economic condition is hitting so hard on so many organizations, virtually every sector of the economy is feeling the heat, around November last year DealDey – Nigerian daily deal website reportedly layoff about 60% of its staffs which was regarded as headcount reduction, obviously hundreds of staffs were affected but the company management didn’t specify how many of its staff were affected.

Just again on the 26th of January precisely Friday, Report got to us that DealDey just did another round of laying off its staff, this time like half of the workforce were again affected, leaving like one person in some unit, We tried to further investigate to be sure,  We discovered It’s still a result of headcount reduction and financial constraints so the company can function optimally.

According to the report we got, the exercise was not the desire of the company but a necessary step they have to take in this present economic quagmire so the company can sustain itself, there have been questions going round if DealDey still has investors or not but I think that’s a question the management would answer.

We hope the company would release an official statement about it.


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