Competition Gets Tougher as Jumia Also Introduces JumiaPay


I reported here yesterday that Konga commercially launches Kongapay making it a payment system available to everybody by extending the services of Kongapay to other non-customers. Read Post and few days ago i also wrote about the fierce competition in the eCommerce industry in Nigeria where Yudala was replicating Konga’s creatives and marketing campaigns See here. It is not over yet until it is over! Jumia is also not relenting or taking any chill pill as they introduced JumiaPay which is very synonymous to the KongaPay.

Let’s take a cursory look at what the JumiaPay is all about if it’s anyway different from KongaPay. From what i have seen about the JumiaPay it allows you to Pay securely with an online bank transfer for items and have your money held in escrow until you have confirmed the order is delivered, this is very similar to what Kongapay does when it was first launched. In addition, If anything goes wrong, you get reimbursed instantly same applies to Kongapay. All you need to do is enter your bank account details and verify your payment with a code SMS from your bank.


JumiaPay for now is more like a payment option on Jumia website that that allows you to shop for a wide range of products in the comfort of your home with guaranteed security for all your online transactions. Not only do you get to shop with ease, It also offers you a payment solution that is very convenient and stress-free so they say. So for any failed online transaction you get debited for, be rest assured that you will get refunded with no extra charges. Hmnn! that sounds pretty cool but that’s not new with KongaPay

How is it different from KongaPay?

When Kongapay first launched it was doing exactly the same thing JumiaPay is doing, but Kongapay recently took a step a further to allow a non-Konga customer to use it for their online transactions. Beyond being an e-commerce payment option on, KongaPay now allows buyers and sellers both offline and online to perform seamless and secure payment transactions anytime, this really differentiates Kongapay from JumiaPay nonetheless there are tendencies Jumia might also want to extend this to non-jumia customers in the nearest future.

We wish both Konga and Jumia success in the race of who is the thought leader in the industry but you can be the judge here 😀


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