Cinefrixx – The New Online Movie Review Platform in Nigeria

Guess what is new in town? It’s Cinefrixx! I am always amazed when I see innovations like this by Nigerians, it encourages me to do more myself. It’s quite unusual when you discover a Nigerian effort taking strides to be at par with an international establishment.
At one point or the other, we all have one reason to want to know what’s showing at the cinemas and have to browse different websites for all the cinemas in order to make a plan to look out for the top grossing movies. Another thing we also desire is to know what movie is really worth it to invest our hard earned cash and time on – no one really wants to take a long ride all the way to the cinemas and leave with long hisses. Yes, it actually does happen.
Meet Cinefrixx!
logo3Cinefrixx is an interactive platform for movie review, latest news in Nollywood & Hollywood and also affords users to review movies as well. It’s a platform cinema goers can bookmark and always reference in order to make a decision on what movie to watch.
Cinefrixx has a brilliant web and social media presence, particularly unlike a bunch of similar ones, there is around. The website connects you with so much information on Nigerian and International movies showing, trending, and coming soon at the local cinemas. Trust me! … it’s not your usual type of movie website. It’s very different.
Following them after a while, you can pretty much tell that they actually look like the real deal!

What is more? They have some seasoned contributors on board. Most notable is Ini Itama, a former OAP at Smooth FM; Bella Rose Okojie, a childhood sweetheart from way back when she doubled as Benita’s side-kick and a current OAP at City FM … and that’s only the beginning.
You can follow them on their super-active social media channels to keep up to date with everything happening in the movie world!
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