Celebrate With Us One Year of Blogging

one year of blogging

How It all Started

I remember starting out as a content writer at one of Nigeria’s leading eCommerce company, although i’d love writing but i never saw myself taking up a full time job that has to  do with writing, after spending 4 years in the department of Geography & Regional Planning, all my thought was getting a job with any Federal or State parastatal or just any other private organization that requires my expertise based on what i studied, but as destiny will have it, i found myself in the field of marketing.

No one ever told us that what we study in school doesn’t really determine what kind of job we would get.

It has been an exhilarating experience blogging, i remember i made different attempt in the past to blog using blogspot.com, i tried to model my then blog after lindaikeji’s blog (mainly for gist) but at some point my drive and enthusiasm alone couldn’t sustain it because i realize to keep track with the latest news and updates requires just more than passion and because i also work full time somewhere there was no way i could manage both together effectively, i tried to get someone to join me to manage the blog together but we still couldn’t keep tab with trends, so gradually i had to face my job squarely.



In my early days of blogging at some point, i also took interest in writing motivational stuffs which i still do anyway but restricted to my Facebook page,

Blogging is not just about what you want to write, it’s more about what your audience want to read

Only few Nigerians are interested in reading motivational or inspirational write ups, what many Nigerians are interested in is gist, i tried to blog consistently but with time my passion and drive alone couldn’t sustain me so i ended giving up on the blog.

Over the years i have been a guest bloggers on some blogs, i also do freelance writing, i write movie script and all, but i knew there is something more enduring about blogging that i need to know and explore. Eventually finding myself in the marketing field was just the beginning of finding fulfillment in blogging, i developed a keen interest in marketing being my vocation for over 4 years, so i decided i would be writing about marketing, business, eCommerce and also infuse motivation which is why we have the personality profile on our website.

When i first started, the zeal and the energy was so much that i post almost every day of the week, sometimes i post twice a day, but with the rigor of my work over time, my number of posts reduced to three week, at times two, sometimes one and st some point i go a week without posting anything. Perhaps, at some instance it might be due to writer’s block and also trying to provide valuable content. Since i knew what i wanted in terms of the scope of my content and my audience i was more strategic in ensuring that it is not the number of posts that matters but the vale of content provided, so the audience first.

For this dream of blogging to become a reality i would like to appreciate my friend and former colleague Olayinka Bolaji who is a web developer, digital marketing guru and also a blogger, he really encouraged me by also helping me to develop the website.


The Team

It’s not been rosy blogging consistently for one year, especially when i have to carefully select what i write about and ensure my content is relevant and informative to the audience. At some point i discovered i can’t be the only one writing i need to open the blog to other creative guest bloggers and some of my colleagues who are good writers.

Deji Akintade who is also a digital marketing expert and former colleague came on-board and joined me in blogging. However, it’s been really challenging writing especially when we know our audience are learned and they always anticipate something worthwhile from us, you have been an inspiration to us even if it’s only one person that reads our post, its something worth celebrating.

To all our readers, we want to say a BIG Thank You! for being there, seeing “little” sense in what we post and also encouraging us to always write, we say GOD bless you!

one year of blogging

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  1. Ayodeji Akintade

    It’s not been ‘rosy’ like you said but it’s been fun every step of the way. A BIG thank you to all our amazing readers, it’s because of your comments, shares and encouragements that enables this passion to continue thriving. So thank you and cheers to an awesome one year and to, hopefully, many more!