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How to Overcome the Challenges of Renting House in Lagos – Eko Apartment

A lot of challenges are associated with securing a good apartment in Lagos.  Some of the challenges associated with renting apartments in Lagos are: Location of apartment, Choice of apartment type, Interior and exterior specifications Registration fee by the agent for each inspection, Fraudulent agents/landlords, agents/landlord requesting for years of rent in advance Finding an

Let’s Talk Marketing with Dipo Davies – Building Your Brand in a Niche Market: The Castles Experience {RECAP}

This week’s Let’s Talk Marketing with Dipo Davies was another interesting discussion, Dipo Davies was able to shed more lights on how to build a strong brand in a Niche market, for startups this discussion will serve as an eye opener on how to grow your brand in whatever niche you have chosen. As usual the moderator

Let’s Talk Marketing with Eizu Uwaoma – Taglines and How the Affect Brand Positioning {RECAP}

Last week Saturday’s discussion on Let’s talk Marketing was mind-blowing and very interesting and I think that was partly because of the topic and the amazing guest we had. Obviously, Reach360 Media is doing a great job. As usual, I believe the knowledge should be shared. The moderator was Daniel Iyam and the Lead Discussant was Eizu Uwaoma, the