Why your B2B Company needs Account-Based Marketing? Find out…

    account based marketing

    With 90% marketers recognizing its value, Account-based marketing (ABM) appears to be a major movement on the brink of becoming big… But what is Account-Based Marketing? Marketo defines the term as given below:

    Account-based marketing is a strategic approach to lead generation in which your time and resources target a key group of specific accounts.

    With ABM, you can target your marketing by identifying and focusing your efforts on accounts that really matter. It is definitely a new-age approach that has bade adieu to traditional marketing approaches that don’t necessarily bring monetary benefits, and to be precise life-time value of a customer.

    Want to know how account based marketing can help your b2b business?


    Here’s a brief lowdown on the top 3 reasons why your B2b Company needs Account-based marketing:


    #1 Power your ROI with Account-Based Marketing

    By adopting ABM approach, a b2b business is laser-focused on investing in opportunities bound to reap the highest ROI. Your efforts can hence, be more organized, targeted and aligned with goals, which has helped several b2b businesses till date. Hence, it comes as no surprise that nearly 80% of marketers that measure ROI say that ABM initiatives outperform other marketing investments.


    The foremost way to go about with account-based marketing is to view your contacts as accounts. Having an account-based approach could align your initiatives towards an account-focused strategy that adds a great deal of value to your b2b business. This is particularly true because the resources are utilized in a more organized manner, and the efforts are aligned with business objectives.

    #2 Pour Leads into the Cone!

    Marketing has always been focused on pouring leads onto the top of the funnel… What if you could derive the same benefits at a larger scale without having to invest all your energies on lead generation always? It sure sounds too good to be true, but you can make that happen in your b2b enterprise.


    Rather than simply limiting your focus to sales and leads, you can use account-based marketing for forging stronger connections and enhancing experiences. This in turn enables a b2b company to derive more leads in the funnel, which can now be seen as a cone. The goals of acquiring leads, which was on top of the sales funnel can now be seen at the tip of the cone.

    Marketers can hence, focus on better experiences and connections, thereby benefiting your b2b enterprise in the long run.


    #3 Better Customer Experiences

    Customer is the King!

    Despite being reiterated several times, this is one adage that has not become a trite. Account based marketing revolves around the customer, which helps in extending the buyer’s journey towards customer experience.

    We are living in times where b2b buyers crave for personalized selling experiences. With ABM, you provide your customers with exactly what they need by helping them bridge the divide between best practice theories and real-world requirements to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Adopting an ABM approach is crucial to build an effective customer experience strategy.

    Are you ready to drive action by turning your focus towards account-based marketing as a powerful marketing tool? If not, it is time to embrace this approach to realize its full potential. Don’t forget to share your experiences with account-based marketing in your comments below.

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