Adobe Illustrator Vs Photoshop – Which is Best for Your Print

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You are asked by your developer to send the photos which will be displayed on your website, hence becoming the attraction point for your visitors so what things you will focus on that should be integrated in the images? Yes! The quality should be superior, there should probably be the logo of the company or there should be some relevant text on the image. But how do you achieve all this with a normal image that you might have clicked yourself or download from those photo blogging portals?

If you have been editing images (regardless of how experienced you are with it) then two options would have popped up in your mind as soon as I asked that question – Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator! But which tool to use when is the major question that almost everyone would have in mind.

Understand that having a wrong design would destroy the entire artwork, thus giving it a much distorted look. So today, we will discuss about which tool among the both is good for a particular purpose and which one you can rely upon for an overall result.

Which Tool is better for Logo Designing?

There is no image editing tool available which would not be able to design a logo. Obviously you can design a logo using both Photoshop and Illustrator, but when it comes to reshaping and resizing the image to be used on various material then it could create an issue.

You would not be able to resize a bitmap image created in Photoshop without losing its quality or pixilation. Whereas when you use Illustrator, the logo will be considered as a vector object and that would not be a part of bitmap. This implies that you will be able to resize and reshape your logo design while still retaining the quality of the image.

Winner: Adobe Illustrator

Which Tool is better for Web Designing?

Photoshop is the obvious choice for many designers to perform this task. Since Photoshop images are set up on pixel based bitmap, it seems like the only option to design on the screen media. However, when you are designing user interface Illustrator can offer you advantages than Photoshop does not provide.

Besides the obvious resizing icons in Illustrator makes it a faster and easier tool to use. But for most of the part Photoshop still wins the show in this category. In fact many designers have claimed that though they shift to Illustrator for some part, they get back to Photoshop to completely most of their work.

Winner: Photoshop

Which is better for Digital Art?

There is no obvious choice for this category. It entirely depends on the type of design that needs to be created. The drawings are usually drawn on paper and then scanned to bring them to a graphic program in order to put colors in them.

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By using Illustrator you can create extendable and clear images which can be reused easily. However if you want to do detailed manipulation in the photos, Photoshop is the right tool for you. For majority of the cases, designers use a mixture of both the tools also to get the best results for their illustrations.

Winner: Draw

What is better for Sketching and Wireframing?

The process of sketching and wireframing refers to creating the blueprint of the design. Although the process generally begins with a pen and paper, many creative professionals jumpstart directly from the editing programs and sketch.

Of course, you can use any of the tools for this purpose but it is recommended to go for Illustrator as it is easier and swifter to perform the task with this graphic editing tool. Besides, the tools like reuse, resize and manipulation can be performed more easily in Illustrator and these features are crucial while you are creating frameworks.

Winner: Illustrator

And Your Overall Champion Would Be…

Well! There is no single winner here. Though I did my best to create a symbolic comparison between both the programs, the end result is that it depends entirely on your working style and what exactly you are trying to creating using these programs.

Adobe photoshop vs illustrator

If you are Web & Mobile app designer, you do not have a choice to learn either of these. You should be familiar with the detailed functioning and tools of both the programs as you might need any to accomplish your results effectively.


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