7 Lessons I Learned From Marketing Managers in Nigeria

7 Lessons Learnt From Marketing Managers

For the few number of years I have spent in the marketing department I’ve been able to learn from those I believe are ahead of me and I think this is worth sharing. Marketing is one of the most interesting department in any organization, but in this part of the world, the word “Marketing” has been misconstrued to mean selling a product or service on the street. So many have replaced marketing with sales. Marketing is broad and is also made up of a different component but don’t let’s go into that now.

Some people’s experiences have proven to be great lessons for others. It’s not an easy task managing a marketing department because marketing is regarded as the engine of any organization. Rather than making mistakes and learning from them, the ideal option is to avoid these mistakes by learning from those who have walked the same path you are just threading and have been successful.

Below are the 7 lessons I have learned from different marketing managers that can prove to be helpful for successful businesses.

1) Take Your Eyes Off Competition

In the ideal business world, we’ve always been told to watch and monitor competitors closely to know what they are doing at every moment so we can always launch a counter-marketing campaigns when necessary, but one thing I have learnt from one of the marketing managers I have worked with is that “If you focus too much on your competition you will lose track of your business goal, so why not focus more on your customers and let your competitors focus on you” It is never a mistake to take your eyes off your competition and focus on the needs of your customers and how to satisfy them, competition will take car of itself, that is not to say you don’t know who they are.

2) Understand Your Audience

One of the important element of a successful marketing campaign is when you know your audience, who they are, where they are, what they want, and what they are doing, all these will form the basis of your whole marketing activities. You can’t be selling to “everybody” there is a target market when you know your audience and understand them, you’d know what offer and what messages you should communicate to them.

3) Make Your Customers Your Number One Priority

Any business that is customer-centric grows faster. When you make your customers the focal points of your business your marketing campaigns definitely be successful. One of the marketing professionals I met said to me “Tobi the customers decide if a company will grow or die” Every organization lives for its customers, no company can survive on its own. Always ensure your marketing campaigns and strategies addresses the need of your customers and not just your revenue goals.

4) Always Come Up With a Value Proposition

Never run out of ideas or what to offer your customers, just the same way human wants are insatiable, so also are your customers, they are always looking out for something new, an offer that would blow their mind. Constant research on the need of your clients will help you understand what you can offer them. “A marketing manager said “The day you run out of offers for your customers, that day you start losing their patronage”

5) Try and Stay Relevant In The Moment

In this modern time, we have so many impulse buyers who don’t really have so much time to waste in making a buying decision. An average consumer knows what he/she needs and has no tolerance for an encounter with a brand’s message that isn’t 100% relevant in the moment. A manager once said, “We’re living in the age of hyper real-time content marketing”.

6) Learn From Your Own Errors

It is true you will always make mistakes but it is better when you learn fast from your errors and quickly adjust to mitigate the effect of your errors. Commit to a continuous improvement philosophy in your marketing efforts. And commit to finding the lessons learned in the mistakes and failures and then taking action in the future based on the lessons learned.

7) In Marketing, There is No One Formula For Success

Unlike mathematics where one plus one is equal to two, the same is not applicable in marketing. Marketing has proven to be dynamic. One thing I have heard different marketing experts say over and over again is that, There is no one rule for success in marketing, you need to keep adjusting and strategising each day, because what works yesterday might become obsolete today, you need to be sensitive, creative and innovative, sensitive to the market needs, be innovative to address the need and be creative to retain your customers. Don’t always wait for what your competitor would do, become the thought leader in your industry.

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