6 Guidelines To Achieving Ecommerce Success in Nigeria (Startups)

6 guidelines to achieving ecommerce success

Research has it that  Ecommerce in Nigeria has grown tremendously over the last 5 years. With such unimaginable growth in such a short time frame, I took it upon myself as a responsibility to ensure that e-commerce entrepreneurs and aspiring youths in Nigeria follow critical steps to ensure a better understanding of the market and it demands before setting out. The rate at which E-commerce is springing up is at an alarming rate, sometimes i am scared people just start this business without really understanding what it entails.

Here are my few tips on how to achieve e-commerce success for startups especially in Nigeria

1)   Do Not Launch Yet!

Many entrepreneurs in Nigeria mistake having a website with products listed to starting an e-commerce business. Rushing the launch of a website is one of the biggest mistakes that unsuccessful e-commerce entrepreneurs make in Nigeria. It’s wiser and practical to purchase a domain name and display a “Coming Soon” page until every other background work is fully completed, don’t reveal the idea yet until some substantial ground work like Search engine optimization of the site, pre-launch press release, social media buzz and other paid advertising have been done, etc.

2)   Customers First

The most re-occurring shortcoming of eCcommerce businesses is the inability to let the customers touch, feel, smell, and see the displayed products before making a decision. While there’s currently no solution this challenge, you can compensate for this by offering some of the  best tips which include offering appropriate pricing, giving free shipping, pay on delivery and making the checkout process easy with simplified shopping carts. Nigerians are still a bit skeptical about eCommerce so in order to earn their trust you need to deliver encourage cash on the delivery system which allows them to receive the product first before paying. I’ve had an encounter with a client who wants her e-commerce website to just do pay before delivery even when she’s just starting.

3)   Cross the T’s, Dot the I’s

E-commerce entrepreneur should endeavor to test absolutely everything before, during and after you launch any online retail business, invest in testing and analytics. Put yourself in the customers’ shoes and figure out what’s working, what’s not, and the why behind those answers. Don’t assume you will find out everything along the line, you need to ensure you can at least vouch for what you’ve done to a considerable extent.

4)  Always be at the forefront online

It is common for anyone who wants to buy online to visit google and search for products or services, as an aspiring eCommerce entrepreneur you need to get your organic search right even before you start and this begins with the design and structure of your website. Over the years, the search engine optimization (SEO) technique has led to rapid growth and less competition, that means it will be more important than ever to stay on top of SEO in order to stand out from the competition. All you need is to Connect with a skilled SEO who will help you stay competitive in the long run, simple.

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5)  Gather Intel

Get your data right from the onset. Relate with a wide customer base by gathering enough information on your customers, most times, their feedback mechanisms help you to make critical decisions, Unless you plan on launching a single site and stepping away (most entrepreneurs are tempted to keep trying), it’s important that you collect customer information and build databases to aid future launches.

6)  Don’t Give up, Test, Test, and Test.

Ecommerce business is a very challenging one at the moment in Nigeria because it is still at an infancy stage, at some point when you start frustration will set in when you look at your analytics dashboard and what you see is not really interesting, nonetheless, you don’t have to give up. Finally, never stop evolving. Technology, trends and customer tastes will change, and so must you if you want to succeed in such a variable market.

With these tips, you can be well on your way to becoming a successful e-commerce entrepreneur in Nigeria.

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