5 worst blogging mistakes

Having a blog is great. It’s terrific for your business and SEO marketing. It’s also a good way to talk about non-business related stuff to give your website visitors a break from all the preceding sales-oriented copy every eCommerce business owner has to talk about.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

I’ve always loved that quote from Spiderman and it’s a universal wisdom one can apply in all aspects of life.

I secretly wince each time I’m asked by a potential client to view their existing blogs. You see, I know them as honest, passionate individuals from my interactions with them on the phone or online through video conference calls. But then some of the time, their blogs don’t actually carry on that same honesty and passion I associate with them. A lot of eCommerce business owners can get lost at sea in the ocean of blogging.

Some of the top mistakes I’ve noticed in blogging are the following. Please avoid these pitfalls at all cost!

Mistake #1. Trying to do it all.

Some owners think they have to do it all and know it all when blogging. You don’t. My advice is to stick to your competency and be sure that what you know is what you write about. You wouldn’t go to a party pretending to know about neurosurgery if you weren’t in that profession would you? Then why would you attempt to write about something you didn’t know about online?

Have the confidence that you are enough.

Rather than spread yourself too thin, dig deep and show your depth in your blogging.

Mistake #2. Writing for the SEO of it, and not for the love of it.

I’ve met eCommerce business owners who consider blogging as just another tedious item on their to-do list to check off each week. The consequence of such an attitude is they tend to motivate themselves into doing a ‘boring’ task by telling themselves, ‘I’m doing this for my SEO metrics’. This is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

These blogs are easy to spot. They start out ok enough but then midway the reader gets a feeling they’re just being sold to and keyworded to death into reading the blog entry. It’s a definite turn off and leaves your readers feeling cheated of the time they put in to read your post.

Writing for the SEO of it, instead of the love of your topic is THE kiss of death for a blog post.


Mistake #3. Writing too long and beating around the bush.

Now before I talk about taking too long to make your point, please understand I am not against long expositions or long posts in general. I am not anti-length; I am anti-boring-your-reader-to-death.

Your English teacher had it right. Rambling is a capital sin in the world of blogging.

Don’t feel pressured to churn out exactly 500 words in a blog post. If you can get your point across in 300, then that’s your word count for the day. Simple enough but frequently ignored (sigh).

Having a meaty post that packs a good oomph at the end will keep your readers coming back for more. Don’t let the Word Count Police scare you into keeping an eye on your length at the cost of getting your message across clearly and succinctly.

Mistake #4. Mistaking being opinionated with confidence.

While most eCommerce business owners would say they are hesitant to state their opinions out there, there is also a percentage that is extremely confident to the point of irritation.

A general rule of thumb is to write about topics people can agree on. Steering clear of controversy is usually good for business.

The task of shaping public opinion is best left to professional writers and influencers.

So unless you feel that your situation warrants breaking this rule, it’s best to use clean language and avoid making inflammatory comments that can lead to a boycott of your product.

Mistake #5. Not blogging at all.

Ok, this one is a no-brainer. I’m referring to eCommerce business owners who are in denial about harnessing such a powerful tool for conversions, audience engagement and search engine love.

Maybe it was an embarrassing incident from school, or being told you’re not a good writer.

Some adults are still being held back by negative experiences from the past, and all of us are walking wounded in one way or another. I’m not a psychotherapist but sometimes you get a sense of an emotional block manifesting as writer’s block when you speak with clients.

My advice to you is this: You can find your way out of any situation and bring peace to your soul.

If counseling will be the key to unlocking your inner Shakespeare, then do what’s necessary to get that out of you. Of all the mistakes a blogger can commit, not writing at all is the worst.

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