3 Ways You Can Treat Your Employee Fairly in Nigeria


As an entrepreneur, you most likely have some people on your payroll or maybe you plan to in the future if you are a new startup. Apart from compensation and incentives, overall staff morale is extremely critical for your business success. Frankly, it is difficult to motivate one’s self in a country like Nigeria with our day to day challenges talk-less of inspiring and encouraging others; but for an employer or manager, employee motivation is a key priority. If you are not doing so yet, you will need to find ways to motivate your employees in order to retain them for the long-term. Sometimes money just isn’t enough!

Here are some ways by which you can do so:

1. Give Continous Feedback

It is every employer or manager’s role to set goals and objectives for his or her team, monitor performance and to provide support in ensuring that the business or project achieves success. If along the way, expectations are not being met, it is their role to have that ‘sometimes difficult’ conversation with the employee to let them know they are underperforming. Some people have different styles and frequencies of giving feedback. Our preference is for this to be in-person and on an ongoing basis. Do not put off the exercise until the end of the year for example, by which time things may have gone sour and the employee has no clue as to the fact that they could have done better all year. Also, be open to receiving upward feedback. Perhaps this is not so much a ‘Nigerian thing’ yet but it is also very important for you to improve as a manager and not be stuck in a bubble.

HRHub is a good Nigerian resource for employers and employees to give and get advice and tips from a forum. It also gives recommendations for improving your workplace culture.

2. Organize a Social Event

“But we are not here to play”, some might say. However, some level of work/life balance is necessary for employees to feel valued by the organisation. A social event is a good way to unwind, break the ice and lower some unseen barriers that may have existed. It is always good to have this in a different location from the workplace and it does not need to be costly for you as the employer, budget-wise such as a trip to an eatery or bowling, dancing or drinks. The key thing is for this to be done as a team.

Escape Room Nigeria is a real life group adventure game experience for colleagues, friends or family. They have a good package for businesses and team building. It is definitely worth checking out.

3. Upskill Your Team

There are so many workshops, conferences and seminars out there which can add value to your employees. Some are free while others are not. Ensure you know what is going on around and stay up to date with what is happening in your city. You can also ask us about events from your colleagues in the industry.

For industry-specific training and events, you can join associations, boards and communities pertaining to your industry to find out more about sessions relating to skills you are trying build.


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