7 Insights From My 15 Months Experience of Working at Konga

oluwatobi adekunle

Today marks my one year, 2 months and 16 days of working with Konga that is approximately 15 months (actually for the second time). If there is any place anyone would wish to work in Nigeria i think Konga should be considered. Working at Konga for me has been an exhilarating journey with amazing experience. I have a lot things on my mind to talk about but there is one thing in particular that I want to share with you and that is What it has been like working at Konga.com

For me it has been exciting, insightful, inspiring and impactful, working with Nigeria’s leading eCommerce brand. Konga is a place you will learn and grow very fast both technically and socially (yeah i mean socially) especially when we go for team bonding on a lighter mood.

See some of the moments below

team bonding marketing

When i was going back to Konga for the second time i already had my priorities and expectations on what the experience would be like and what i will end up doing.I wanted more pragmatic experience in Digital Marketing in addition to what i was able to learn at DealDey.

DealDey walked me through all the aspect of digital marketing from SEO, to  Social media, to Affiliate marketing, a bit of PPC, Content marketing etal. So when i was going to Konga i knew exactly what i wanted and what impact i’m also going to make.

In 2015 i had the opportunity of choosing between Wakanow and Konga, literally i should have chosen Wakanow because i had worked with Konga in 2013 so why chose Konga again when i can always acquire a whole new experience in the travel industry, but like i said i had a goal in mind  – To be better at what i do. Konga will avail more knowledge and technical know-how that i crave, as against Wakanow who at that time was trying to build a digital marketing team.

Before I get any further I would like to mention that today would be my last working day at Konga.com

The Brand

Konga grew very fast but still retained its young company mentality. So it could afford the big/old company benefits and does it exceptionally well and with style. Many big companies are often long living or “old”. They have traditions and organisational structures that are simply hard to break up. Konga is young but with great capacity.

konga brand

Konga grew from the scratch to become a brand most millenial wants to reckon with in the eCommerce  space. As a staff of Konga whenever anybody ask where i work, i feel excited to tell them i work with Konga, undoubtedly Konga is a force you cannot undermine in the eCommerce industry whether you like it or not. The Konga brand is an amazing brand every employee is proud of, the brand empowers and encourages the youth to make mistakes, learn from it and grow.

It’s a happening place. The energy, The vibe, The passion

Konga is a happening place. just as much as we work very hard we also play very hard. Konga employees are a passionate bunch, we always add more energy regardless of how big or small our project is, and we are also passionate. People work hard in Konga (and I might stress play hard), and you feed off their energy.

Photo Credit: Techpoint.ng

At Konga’s office there is a Game room where we go to relax after a long day of work or during break, At the game room you will find PS4 games, Table tennis, Snooker, and many other interesting games. how many companies in Nigeria will you find a dedicated game room? very few, it’s all about work!, work!! work!!! And they say “work without play, makes jack a dull boy”

There is no ‘Mr this’ and ‘Mrs that’

Unlike some old companies where people address themselves by title (Mr or Mrs), at Konga we call ourselves by first name which helps in building good rapport and interaction among bosses and subordinates even the CEO is addressed by his first name, although most new generation companies do the same. Its easy approaching someone who is older than you or who is your boss, It also creates a good working relationship among employees. We are all Konganians as fondly referred to by the people engagement department (HR). We understand hierarchy, but they are not bottlenecks.

Encouragement & Empowerment

One thing  i truly appreciates about Konga is that, employees are given the opportunity to grow and lean new things. although it might not come in form of a promotion or instant financial gratification, but you will be encouraged to learn new things with every resources needed.

If there is any unit or department you feel you will perform better you can approach your line manager to discuss it with him or her and let your HR business partner be aware. although this is not applicable to all managers in Konga, some managers don’t want you to leave where you are because they feel you are too good to do something new, especially when it will affect their own overall performance rating. If there is any training that would aid your proficiency on the job you are sure to get a positive consent, but not in all instance.

A Company That Truly Cares

Konga HR business practices is one of the best i have seen in Nigeria, but believe me there is no perfect company, every organization has their flaws, but to a very large extent Konga has always tried to make working conditions for employees very conducive, you could tell from the office environment.

Photo Credit: Techpoint.ng

Although the company does not provide free food but they have always strive to provide employees with the best catering services at affordable prices with a comfortable kitchen space, you also get free coffee early in the morning. If there is anything that is taken seriously in the company it is the employees welfare i give that to Konga.

The Layoffs

Naturally it is not Konga’s culture to lay off employees, but over time due to the prevailing economic condition in the country and the transitioning from a retail company into a full marketplace which led to restructuring it was unavoidable for the company to let go of some of her best hands. The laying off period wasn’t a good moment, at one point i was thinking, hope i didn’t make a wrong choice coming back here (Konga), when after spending just 7 months the company was downsizing.

It was a trying moment for so many employees that was affected but without sentiments some people have to go after all it is a management decision, but does that make Konga a bad company? No! Although the rationale & criteria behind the laying off of some people might be dicey and not clear but like i said there is no perfect company or perfect HR.

The Myths That Everyone Earns Fats Salary

There is a myth that virtually everyone who works at Konga earn an ‘Armed Robber Salary’ as fondly called (as in very good salary). That is not actually true. Not everyone earn as much as people outside think or believe they earn.You’ll still be astounded at the hit rate of people who earn lesser when compared to the number of people who really earns more. Salary is based on your negotiating power and position.

The Relationship & The Experience

What really makes my second journey to Konga fulfilling were the people i met especially in the marketing department, people i learnt greatly from both within my unit and outside my unit. When i joined Konga i knew there were so many things i wanted to learn because for me learning is progressive and knowledge is endless.

I created a relationship with the right clique, and when the opportunity came for me to learn closely from these guys (Aniefiok Ntia and Olayinka Bolaji) i took the advantage. This has been the best part of my working with Konga again, The former VP marketing Gabriel Gab-Umoden has always been an inspiration to me in terms of his creativity, Sebastian Loaiza former Head of Online marketing was another thorough and detailed digital marketing expert i have ever met. My Director of marketing in person of Mayowa Adebayo is like a mentor to everyone of us in marketing & CET, a ‘mighty woman of valor’ that came and transformed marketing. One of her word i would always remember is that “Understanding the guiding principle of something is key to living a successful life in any endeavor this is a recipe for success“.

I wish i could stay much longer at Konga, but it is time to explore other opportunities and learn new things in that transcends digital media. I will definitely miss all of my colleagues and friends at Konga, but as the sayings goes “We meet to part and we part to meet”

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  1. Successful Aboki

    Beautiful write-up as always, inspiring as well. Wish you all the best as you have decided to move on to greater heights sir.
    I will be looking forward to training with you soon sir.