10 Things Digital Media & Marketing School Will Not Teach You

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As digital marketing enthusiasts or experts, there are some things you won’t learn in the four walls of a classroom which you will only learn by experience. In the post, you will get to know 10 things you wouldn’t have been taught in a Digital Media or Marketing school. Ized, a Director of Marketing and Growth at a motorcycle taxi hailing company called MAX Okada shared insight on her learnings and experience as a marketing professional in a masterclass session of DMM platform on Whatsapp.

1. Don’t just be on Social, BE Social.

A lot of us are on social media and are not building relationships on social that can help. Who are the people you want to know and be known on a first name basis with.. Get in touch, tweet (post at, mention) them, ask questions, share info, (without being in their faces). People will let guards down on social. Let me give context. We recently entered an official partnership with Facebook, as a Facebook business, we get a lot benefits, now the person responsible for this connection I first met on Facebook and consider us great friends.


2. You are your first client…

You are creating a brand impression, create a good one.
From the very first minute you created that social media account and started posting, you started to build an impression about the sort of “brand” that you are.
Think of yourself personally as a global brand. People can’t see you but they can see your posts, Sell yourself as you would sell your most important client, there is a thin line between “being yourself” & “being a global brand” online, you need to tapdance on that line. I am not saying don’t be yourself, I am saying be yourself with sense. You chose this career, as such remember your office is no longer physical, it is a virtual, parade yourself thoughtfully.


3. Perception-

My number 3 is a spin off my number 2 & important for my number 4.

A famous wiseman once said “Thank God belle no be showglass.” What I am trying to say Fam is – Control the narrative. As a digital marketer one thing they forgot to teach us (but very critical with every client you work with especially yourself) is to control the narrative. On Social, you can gently direct the conversation or brand perception in the narrative you prefer, never let the narrative spin out of control. How do you people want people to perceive or describe a brand – especially if this brand is you. Control the narrative.

What people think of you online is up to you, it’s not up to them.


4. Thought leadership:

You know when they said “no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care”?? They were not referring to Digital marketers.

It’s important that you are showing thought-leadership in your circle, people are reading, they may not be commenting, but they are taking notes. Keep it short, simple, easy to digest.
“How to” “Did you know?” “5 ways to” Ken Ndubuisi says your free content is your audition, no one really wants to do this work, they just want to know that you know what you are doing and that they can trust you.


5. Network –

No really, actually go for these events. Meet people, get business cards, network for real. A hack for this is event apps, download one today, download two for efficiency.. Matter of fact, download it now! Search online for events, what’s happening, where is it happening, who is coming, register for events that suit you..
Please, if you happen to be bus hopping, go early.


6. Elevator pitch.

Do you have your Elevator pitch ready? An Elevator pitch is a 30-45 seconds marketing pitch of your business.

Have one ready! When asked what do you do? Know your business and Mind it.. You have 30 seconds to get it right, please, skip the “emm”, “you know”, “you get”, “Err”, each of those has lost a potential client.

Write one now and practice in front of a Mirror, sound like you know what you are doing..

I find it odd that when asked about their business some people joke around what they do. They come off as unserious..
Have an Elevator pitch.


7. Follow up:

Some of you collect business cards like you want to use it to build a house of cards.

What are the cards for if not to follow up.

Post event, send a quick text or a quick message. It was nice connecting with you today.
My name is… I do…. Looking forward to working with you sometime soon.

Send them your profile. In a follow up mail to that. Don’t over do, don’t under-do.


8. This is awkward.. but someone has to say it.

I had to learn it to. Because I am your typical “anywhere belle face”

Dress how you want to be addressed. Nobody is asking you to wear Gucci.

But look the part. Dress neat, look good, smell good. Success is a look, people tend to trust successful people with their businesses.

If you are bus hopping to an event or a meeting, go on time, don’t arrive sweating like … Then you are telling the person you can handle a 5 million Naira business. When you look like a N100,000 business.

They will price you like N100,000.
Our people say na how daughter in law (to be) dress go hin in-law house na hin go determine whether them go tell am make she go wash plate.

Don’t complain people are underpricing you when you are first underpricing yourself


9. Underpromise – Over deliver.

Don’t be a Nigerian tailor

Truth is – Trust is the online currency of digital marketers. If people trust you to keep your word, you can sell anything.


Finally, last but not least.

10. Take responsibility –

You will fail and you will sometimes fail woefully.
Most people like to pin it on the client or make excuses.

Just take responsibility.

Review, note where you made mistakes, send the client an email and as much as you can attempt to make it up to this client for free.

This will build your trust factor and most likely you will get a second trial.

I do what I call a seat down with the client when we have failed to reach the KPIs and review and strategize ways I can make it up to the client without additional expenses to the client.

Most clients are okay with that. Some appreciate the attempt and will give additional funds. Others will let you go, but the relationship will be salvaged.

I didn’t always know this but soon as I started taking responsibility. My life changed. My failures are fewer and far in between now but my relationships are intact

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