Why You Need Skill Acquisition as an Employee

Who says as an employee you can’t acquire other skills to empower yourself, people generally think skill acquisition is meant for those in search of job or who desperately need a source of income, Contrary to this popular opinion, those who already have a paid employment also need skill acquisition. The importance of skills acquisition


The Rise And Fall of Online Retail in Nigeria

Online retail in Nigeria came into the scene about six years ago became very popular about 3 years ago with the advent of key players like Jumia and Konga, over time the sector became flooded with different niche markets and according to Startupdaily it was recorded that there have been at least 500 e-commerce businesses launched across Nigeria.

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How to Build a Killer Email Marketing List for Your Small Business

Online marketing strategies for small business are updated almost every year. There was a year that had online entrepreneurs buying web visitors to increase traffic. Another year catapulted social media into the limelight. In all these changes, email marketing remains steadfast in helping owners promote their business. While other techniques create noise, email has steadily

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